Microwave Oven Buying Guide

Microwave-safe containers and bowls
Microwave-safe containers and bowls

As you start to use a microwave oven, you will need some accessories that are simply indispensable. The first amongst all are the microwave-safe containers and bowls that can be used to heat or prepare food in the oven. There are special microwave-safe cookwares available for use with such ovens. Glass and ceramic cookware are also generally safe to be used for microwaving. Similarly for plastic containers or cookware, look for the ‘microwave safe’ or ‘type 5 PP’ labels. Using metal utensils inside a microwave oven is a strict no as metal can cause sparks when agitated by the radiation.

  • Special microwave-safe cookware are available to use inside microwave ovens
  • Glass and ceramic cookware are generally safe to be used
  • If use plastic containers or cookware, check for the 'microwave safe' or 'type 5 PP' labels
  • Do not use metallic cookware for microwaving
Gloves / Oven Mitts
Gloves / Oven Mitts

Oven gloves or oven mitts are thickly padded gloves that can be worn to save your hand from getting burnt with hot food and cookware. Such gloves are really useful for a safe microwaving experience. While buying oven mitts, look for an adequate fitting and check for a padding that is just enough to protect while not affecting manoeuvrability.

  • Thickly padded gloves that can save your hands from getting burnt
  • Wear these oven mitts while taking out hot dishes from the microwave oven
  • While buying, look for an adequate fitting for your hand
Under cabinet mounting kit
Under cabinet mounting kit

If your kitchen has a modular cabinet design, you may opt for an under-cabinet mounting kit to mount a microwave above ground. This will not only save space on your kitchen table but also keep the appliance from children’s reach. Go for a sturdy mounting kit considering the weight of the oven.

  • Accommodates a microwave even in kitchens with modular designs
  • Saves space on kitchen platform
  • Keeps the electrical appliance from children’s reach
Grilling trays
Grilling trays

These trays will let you grill foods conveniently in the microwave oven. Some grilling trays have non-stick base to offer better convenience. Some other types are just a mesh of wire that will provide you a barbeque-like grilling experience. Since these are metallic wires, you have to be very careful while handling them after cooking a dish on them.

  • Let you grill a variety of food like kebabs, hot dog, and many more dishes
  • Trays with non-stick base offer convenient grilling
  • Mesh wire trays enable barbeque-like grilling
  • Be careful while handling metallic trays after a dish preparation

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