Tata Culture & Values

Leadership with Trust

As any 'Tata person' will tell you, there's something positively distinctive, something less than completely explainable, about working for the group — the experience is cast in a hue quite different from the ordinary.

The Tata name in itself is a unique asset representing leadership with trust.

By developing a structure, systems and a workplace culture that provides challenging jobs, rewards performance and delivers opportunities continuously, we are striving to get the best out of our most valuable asset — our people.

Powering that quest is an entire range of human resource initiatives aimed at realizing the potential of and, consequently, maximizing the returns from Tata employees. Robust leadership-development systems that accelerate the development of current and potential leaders, a performance culture that's calibrated through rigorous processes, and reward mechanisms that are among the best in the corporate world.

Our relationship with our employees is a bond that continues to be nourished with compassion and care. The richness of this relationship, fashioned by a tradition of compassion and empathy, represents a workplace culture that goes way beyond work. As an example we can cite that long before many western industrial nations followed suit, this company introduced the eight-hour working day (1912), maternity leave (1928) and even profit sharing for its employees (1934). The Tatas have implemented many such “firsts” - the list is long and still growing. As a part of the TATA group we are committed to the tradition of always being fair and benevolent to our people.

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